One of the oldest Candle Making Supply companies in the UK and probably the largest.  The oldest PMC supplier in the UK and again, probably the largest. Based in Ascot, FullMoons Cauldron is a dynamic business that provides craft supplies to clients throughout the local area and worldwide. Established in it's current form in 1961 the company has untold years experience in the Craft and well-being sector. Featuring an Extensive selection of items, the company provides high quality Craft supplies that are ideal for the beginner as well as the experienced crafter. Available on their website at sensible prices, the products are delivered to your door and can be enjoyed by everybody.  With knowledgeable friendly employees, FullMoons Cauldron has a dynamic workforce who are qualified to help with your requirements. It's safe to buy online from FullMoons Cauldron. The company supplies a full range of Candle Making Supplies, Precious Metal Clay PMC plus Fimo clays, Encaustic Wax Art to name but a few and from expert staff. Helping clients to select the correct products for their needs, their service is intended to make buying online nice and easy for everyone plus being secure.

     Candle Making Accessories & Equipment     

An excellent selection of candle making accessories.   Including, thermometers for safety, dipping vats in two sizes, melting pots that can be used with a saucepan to form a double boiler, sticky wax to adhere other items to your candles, specially made candle carrier bags for craft fairs, warning labels, candle sharpeners. wax scraper, scalpels, cutting mats

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Round Candle Warning Labels We don't stock pre printed warning labels for candles.  The reason being is we feel that by putting a mass produced label on your hand made candle, you loose some of the individuality of your candle.  So what we do have is A4 sheets of round labels for you to print your own customised labels.  Suitable for Laser, Copiers and Inkjet printers (unless stated otherwise). 

Two sizes available on A4 size sheets.

51 mm label Diameter. 15 round white labels per sheet, 3 across and 5 rows. Matt.
Pack of 25 sheets = 375 labels.
Pack of 100 sheets = 1500 labels.

51 mm Word Label Template

69 mm label Diameter. 8 round white labels per sheet, 2 across and 4 rows. Matt.
Pack of 25 sheets = 200 labels.
Pack of 250 sheets = 2000 labels.

69 mm Word Label Template
51 mm d. labels.

15 per sheet
25 sheets
round candle warning labels 15 round white labels per a4 sheet
100 sheets
round candle warning labels
69 mm d. labels.

8 per sheet
25 sheets

8 round white labels per a4 sheet
100 sheets
Rectangle Plain Labels 38.1 mm x 21.2 mm Rectangle labels.

65 white labels per sheet.

5 across and 13 rows.
Semi Gloss. For copiers and Laser printers, not suitable for Inkjets.

Pack of 25 sheets = 1625 labels.

38.1 mm Word Label Template
25 sheets
labels labels
64 mm x 33.9 mm Rectangle labels.

24 white labels per sheet.

3 across and 8 rows.
Semi Gloss. For copiers and Laser printers, not suitable for Inkjets.

Pack of 25 sheets = 600 labels.
25 sheets
labels a4 sheet of 24 labels per sheet
Pack of 100 sheets = 2400 labels

64 mm Word Label Template
100 sheets
70 mm x 35 mm Rectangle labels.

24 white labels per sheet.

3 across and 8 rows.

Pack of 25 sheets = 600 labels.

70 mm Word Label Template
25 sheets

Now 1/2 Price

a4 sheet of 24 labels per sheet
105 mm x 148.5 mm Rectangle labels.

4 white labels per sheet.

2 across and 2 rows.

Pack of 25 sheets = 100 labels.

105 mm Word Label Template
25 sheets

Now 1/2 Price

printer labels
Safety labels, transparent For candles to be sold, with 12 pictograms for the safe burning of candles.

Transparent foil, black lettering

Sheet of 24 labels 35 x 25 mm, sheet format 148 x 162 mm
£1.30 picture candle safety labels picture candle safety labels on transparent backing
Wax scraper  Very handy plastic flexible scraper to help clear up after wax, clay, PMC, Fimo etc. 
12 cm x 8 cm. 
Colour may vary.
£1.40  wax scraper flexible plastic wax scraper
Candle Sharpener Plastic sharpener.

For tapering candles to fit in candle holders up to a diameter 7 cm.
£3.84 candle sharpener candle sharpener


Sharp scalpel blade with plastic handle £1.60 scalpel scalpel
Set of Cutter Blades Set of 3 blades. 150 mm long. Contains a Rigid blade, Flexible blade for curved cuts and a Ripple blade. Extra thin for easy cutting. For safety reasons these blades should only be used by adults.

Note: by law you must be over the age of 18 to order this item.
£10.56 set of cutter blades for fimo or wax set of three different design blades for cutter clays, wax etc
Double sided cutting mat

A5 size Self Healing Cutting Mat. Helps protect blades and tables when cutting all sorts of crafts, Wax, PMC, clays, paper, card etc

£2.99 double sided cutting mat cutting mat
Thermometers Glass - range from -10°C to +100°C.  Supplied in a rigid plastic sheath.

A must for candle making safety.

200 mm long Centigrade £7.25 candle thermometer thermometers
Melting / Pouring Pot Metal Seamless melting pot with pouring lip & handle - will hold up to 2 kilos of wax although for ease of pouring we don't recommend you use that much - multi use - melt gel wax direct on the stove - put inside a larger saucepan of water with a trivet underneath and you have a double boiler - use as a water bath - use as a dipping vat! h. 20 cm £29.65 wax melting pouring pot melting and pouring pot for candle making

Dipping / Melting Vats and accessories






























Dipping and Melting set.


For melting wax, pan ø 22 cm, a three-hole lid and three size-1 melting Vats 22.5 cm x 8.7 cm (hold about 1 kilo of wax each) and detachable tong handle 


dipping melting vats

wax melting pot with three containers

Spare holding Tong £8.10 wax vat tong handle 1 litre crucible and tong
Melting Vat size 1-a

Wall thickness 0.6 mm, with drip-proof pouring edge and handle

Height 26 cm, ø 8.7 cm
£37.18  wax melting pot 
Drip ring

Fits size-1 and 1-a dipping / melting Vats.

Aluminium, seamless. Outside diameter 22 cm. Drip rings prevent any soiling of the double boiler, the melting pot and the floor!

Also as a funnel for pouring in pellets or liquid wax and are easy to clean.
£24.20  drip ring for dipping vat 

Clear Plastic Long Carrier bags

6 x 18 x 3 cm with cut out handle at top - the size of a bottle of wine - clear strong plastic.


Suitable for Candles, Bottles, Papers etc


Excellent way to get your customers to show off your products!


Pack of 50


clear plastic long carrier bags

plastic carrier bags with handle ideal for candles, bottles etc


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