Based in Ascot, FullMoons Cauldron is a dynamic business that provides craft supplies to clients throughout the local area and worldwide. Established in it's current form in 1961 the company has untold years experience in the Craft and well-being sector. Featuring an Extensive selection of items, the company provides high quality Craft supplies that are ideal for the beginner as well as the experienced crafter. Available on their website at sensible prices, the products are delivered to your door and can be enjoyed by everybody. With knowledgeable friendly employees, FullMoons Cauldron has a dynamic workforce who are qualified to help with your requirements. It's safe to buy online from FullMoons Cauldron. The company supplies a full range of Candle Making Supplies, Precious Metal Clay PMC plus Fimo clays, Encaustic Wax Art to name but a few and from expert staff. Helping clients to select the correct products for their needs, their service is intended to make buying online nice and easy for everyone plus being secure.

     Encaustic Wax Art Equipment and Kits   

Here you can purchase on line all the equipment and supplies you need to do encaustic wax painting. Iron, stylus, waxes, special coated cards etc

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Iron Iron - 240v - can also be used as a hot plate
British 3 pin plug
£37.15 encaustic art iron
- round tip 20 mm in diameter that fits into the Stylus £6.14 round tip for stylus
- mini iron tip A triangular head about 35 mm (1.25") long. Ideal for miniatures and working in small areas £6.14 mini iron tip for stylus
- micro iron tip A small iron shaped tip about the size of a fingernail. A very useful tip that can be utilised in many ways. It behaves much like the end of a small palette knife. £5.59 micro tip for stylus
- wire brush A coated copper wire brush head that is used heated for special effects. Included with stylus £2.55 wire brush

Scrappy Wax Movers

Set of 5 different sizes. Use these rubber style tipped tools to move molten wax around, to create marks and textures. Great for Hotplate and Hot Air techniques. Also for application of glue in scrap booking, card making or fiddly places. These can also be used with any liquids, paints, or even modelling materials for making marks, etc.


scrappy wax movers

Encaustic Art Painting Cards


Packs of 100 cards (unless stated otherwise)


Special sealed white card suitable for wax painting and stamping.  This encaustic painting card is carefully made to provide an excellent surface for working the coloured waxes repeatedly with the iron

Size A5 (148 x 210 mm)


white card for encaustic art

A4 coloured card Black only - pack total of 24 sheets.  £10.22 coloured card
Stretched Canvas fancy a change from painting on card?  Interesting effects can be achieved when using encaustic waxes on canvas. Also suitable for oil & acrylic painting.  Stretched pure white cotton, fine structure, linen weave, multi-layer combined base on wooden frame.  Size 15 x 20 cm


stretched white cotton canvas on wooden frame

Spare Bulb Spare bulb for the Craft Lap Station. 6v. £5.99  
Selvyt Polishing Cloth

Encaustic Art Wax Blocks polish when cool, to a pleasing sheen. Use a cotton fabric

Varnish is not necessary but an acrylic layer can be used on the surface if desired. Useful for situations where abrasion of the surface might occur - e.g. greetings cards.

A lint free branded cotton cloth which can be washed and re-used many times. Ideal for gemstones and glass and for a final buff after using the impregnated polishing cloth below. Size A. 255 mm square
£5.05 selvyt polishing cloth

Glass Paperweights.

With recessed base for photographs, prints or craftwork

All in presentation box with card and felt. Ideal for a variety of crafts e.g. Encaustic Art, Needlecrafts, Glass painting

glass paperweights unsealed to add your own decorations

Large round 90 mm diameter     £6.45
Small round 70 mm diameter     £5.80
Oval 100 x 70 mm diameter      £6.45
Magnetic Tape


Self adhesive magnetic tape. Just cut to the length you require.  15 x 1.5 mm x 50 cm length.


magnetic tape
Books, Video and DVDs

Quick Guide to Encaustic Art

A 32 page full colour catalogue with all the Encaustic Art products and lots of easy to understand information. It is a great beginners introduction with lots of images and not too many words. Yet there is enough knowledge to be gained from this to enable most of the basic hobby art techniques to experiment with & try. It also delivers a fuller picture of where one can go with encaustic as either hobby or Art.

This guide book is included in the Art set.

£2.95 quick guide to encaustic art
DVD - Learn the Skills Easy to navigate CD - collection of about 20 demonstrations covering everything you need to know to use the iron or stylus for encaustic work.



Sale: only £5.98

learn the skills dvd
The Art of Selling your Craft

Excellent booklet by a very experienced Craft worker and successful event organiser Louise Aartsen.  This booklet covers topics such as; The essentials of running your own business; sourcing event organisers and applying for shows; Marketing techniques and pricing structures; How to display and present your craft; Capturing sales; Expanding and developing your business.  A must read whether you're already selling your craft and thinking of doing so. A5 paperback 40 pages


the art of selling your craft


All sizes and quantities are approximate


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Note: DVD's and Videos are not returnable due to copyright


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