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Beautiful colours, all intermixable encaustic waxes creates a range that has led a multitude of people into the creative & fascinating world of encaustic art.

Our Encaustic Art Wax Blocks are produced to a carefully developed formula with concern for a high sense of quality & safety. They do not contain any resins.

Any particular encaustic paint mixture will have its own unique behaviour & working manner depending on the waxes chosen, type of pigments used, inclusion of other materials (e.g. resins) & of course the overall quality of ingredients.

* Exact shades of hue in many colours can occasionally vary from one production batch to the next.

Automatic discounts when the total of your order reaches £150.


Individual Waxes


4 x 2.5 x 1 cm size blocks

Specially blended coloured wax blocks for encaustic painting and decorating candles


Click on the colour to purchase individual wax blocks @ £1.44 each


Description : Cool, saturated deep red with good transparency - poppies, blood, useful red.

Description : Organic pigment with transparent character - The vivid burnt sunset colour is great in fantasy and bright abstract work.

Description : This lovely rich hue is great in abstract and brings bright luminosity to any work. Brilliant orange-red.

Description : This bright warm sunflower yellow is very popular and alive. Reddish yellow.

Description : This vibrant yellow is a cool and strong greenish yellow. (thinner & paler than No.44)

Description : Brilliant yellow-green tone that is vibrant and alive - the green of new growth - vital and energetic . Mixed colour of two lightfast pigments.

Description : An extremely brilliant transparent bottle green that is alive and vivid - like stained glass.

Description : This lovely strong blue green is a rich and beautiful colour. Popular in fantasy images.

Description : This standard lightish blue is a popular all round hue.

Description : This lovely blue is a rich fluid colour. Strong, saturated blue - vital & alive.

Description : This cool purple is a moody, soft and bewitching hue. Bluish violet. It cannot be mixed from other pigments & can be used as Mauve.

Description : This lovely strong red violet is a rich & popular fantasy colour. Lightfast, brilliant red-violet tone.

Description : A rich transparent reddish brown that glows with warm autumnal hues.

Description : This lovely warm reddish-yellow brown is a landscape favourite.

Description : This is a strong & very deep black!


Description : Grey wax is useful for muting down other colours. Mix of Black & White.

Description : This beautiful strong rich & brilliant dark blue is a powerful colour. Ever popular!

Description : This is a clear blue colour of cool temperature.

Description : A warm light sand or earth colour. Brilliant yellow ochre tone. Very lightfast. Modern organic pigments.

Description : A dense colour that is very opaque, like a dark brick. Orange coloured brown red. Very colour intense. A synthetic red iron oxide.

Description : A cool dark earth brown colour.

Description : Very popular traditional green suited to landscape, foliage, etc. Contains two lightfast pigments.

Description : This lovely soft sky pink is a useful & attractive lightfilled colour.


Description : Silver adds sparkle to any image [coated mica with metal oxide (iriodin)]. Frost, night scens on black card, etc. Brightest results are obtained by clean application with the stylus.

Description : Plain encaustic wax medium is the slightly cloudy/clear unpigmented base wax for all the encaustic art wax block range.


Description : The ideal mixer for your fantasy pearl & sparkle colours [coated mica with metal oxide (iriodin)]. Offers a metallic or fantasy appearance when mixed.

Description : A warm gentle sunrise or sunset colour brings softness to the artwork. Pastel-orange with high opacity.

Description : Instant skies with a soft blue that is just the right colour. Pastel-blue with high opacity.

Description : Mystical soft & inviting - a popular pastel for many users. Pastel-red-violet with high opacity.

33 - Description : A fresh breath colour! Pastel-bluish-green with high opacity.

34 - Description : A rich pastel-fleshtone with high opacity.

encaustic wax 35 pastel cream. Description : A soft pale butter pastell-yellow with high opacity. Often used in place of white for more muted, warmed skies, etc.

36 neon red encaustic wax. Description : Clean, bright, vibrant & luminous red - ideal as a highlight & in fantasy or abstract images.

37 neon pink encaustic wax. Description : Fantastic bright pink with vibrant luminosity. Excellent in fantasy images & for subtle highlighting use just a tiny bit!

encaustic wax 38 neon orange. Description : Nice addition to sunsets images, floral highlights & so on. Clean & bright shade with vibrant luminosity.

encaustic wax 39 neon yellow. Description : A wondeful & powerful luminous yeoow colour that punches out its light. Great in light for fantasy images, but must remain very subtle in use for natural works.

encaustic wax 40 neon green. Description : Similar hue to #06 leaf green, but this neon is more translucent & can add good effect, especially used as new growth in combination with the darker greens.

encaustic wax 41 neon blue. Description : Good in many situations - nice sky colour included with other blues & pastels. The lightest blue in the range. Clean and bright shade.

encaustic wax 42 magenta mixer. Description : Basic colour magenta in colour-theory. Deep & rich strength with nice luminosity when used thin.

43 - Description : Brilliant red tone – the brightest in this range. Great for flowers & stronger red situations.

44 - Description : A very strong & pure yellow as defined in basic colour-theory. Best yellow in the range to 'hold its place' rather than merge with surrounding colours.

45 - Description : A highly transparent green that is natural in colour & ideal in landscape combinations. The thicker consistency is good for textural foliage for instance.

46 cyan blue mixer encaustic wax - Description : Wonderful & delicious to the eyes, this is close to cyan blue in colour-theory. Great in abstract & fantasy work too.

encaustic wax 47 indigo mixer - Description :  A powerful colour for moody skies, for adding dark contrast without using black. Originally a shade from natural indigo, the lightfastness is strengthened with synthetic pigments.

encaustic wax 48 purple mixer - Description : An especially pure and brilliant Purple which cannot be mixed from other pigments. Rich like an emperor's robe.


Selvyt Polishing Cloth

Encaustic Art Wax Blocks, polish when cool, to a pleasing sheen. Use a cotton fabric.

Varnish is not necessary but an acrylic layer can be used on the surface if desired. Useful for situations where abrasion of the surface might occur - e.g. greetings cards.

A lint free branded cotton cloth which can be washed and re-used many times. Ideal for gemstones and glass and for a final buff after using the impregnated polishing cloth below. Size A. 255 mm square
£5.05 selvyt polishing cloth


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