Based in Ascot, FullMoons Cauldron is a dynamic business that provides craft supplies to clients throughout the local area and worldwide. Established in its current form in 1961 we have untold years of experience in the Craft and well-being sector.  Featuring an Extensive selection of items, we provide high quality Craft supplies that are ideal for the beginner as well as the experienced crafter. Available on our website at sensible prices, the products are delivered to your door and can be enjoyed by everybody.  With knowledgeable friendly employees, FullMoons Cauldron has a dynamic workforce who are qualified to help with your requirements. It's safe to buy online from FullMoons Cauldron. We supply a full range of Candle Making Supplies, Precious Metal Clay PMC plus Fimo clays, Encaustic Wax Art to name but a few and from expert staff. Helping clients to select the correct products for their needs, our service is intended to make buying online nice and easy for everyone plus being secure.

     Relief Moulds       

These moulds, depending on the sizes can be used with Wax, Soap, Chocolate, Precious Metal Clay, Clays, Polymer Clay, Fimo, Plaster of Paris etc.

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These moulds, depending on the sizes can be used with

Wax, Soap, Chocolate, Precious Metal Clay, Polymer Clay, Fimo, Plaster of Paris etc

Each set comes as one tray which includes the different shapes.


Please note the sizes of the individual moulds.

We have listed all our relief moulds on this one page but some may be good for some applications but because of their size, not for others.


Automatic discounts when the total of your order reaches £150.


Crowns Contains - 3 moulds of different crowns. Sizes 7.5 cm. £5.88 Relief mould for wax, clay, pmc, soap, chocolate, plaster of paris. 4 Fairies crown relief mould for various clays, soaps and sugar craft
5 Maritime shapes set 1 SF mould Contains - 3 different shapes of Shells, a Dolphin and Mermaid.

Sizes example - Shell 8 cm x 8 cm.  Depth approximately 2.5 cm.


relief mould of 5 maritime figures includes three different shapes of shells, a dolphin and a mermaid
4 Asia SF mould Contains - 2 Oblong, 1 Square and 1 Round tablets with Chinese symbols on.  Please don't ask us what they mean but if you can translate, please let us know!

Sizes example - Oblong h. 8 x d. 6 cm.  Depth 2 cm.


relief mould containing two oblong, one square and one round table shapes with chinese symbols on each
10 Masks Contains - 10 Face Masks of 3 different sizes. 

Sizes example - Largest mask h. 8 cm x d. 5 cm.  Depth 2 cm. 

Smallest mask h. 4 x d. 2.5 cm.  Depth 1 cm.


10 different sizes of mask. These moulds, depending on the sizes can be used with Wax, Soap, Chocolate, Precious Metal Clay, Clays, Polymer Clay, Fimo, Plaster of Paris etc.
SF Support Frame Base box that the SF moulds sit above.  This stabilises the mould and keeps it level for when you're pouring wax, soap, chocolate, plaster of paris etc.

Other relief moulds can be supported in a tray of damp sand if needed.
£5.30  mould holder for the sf mouds 
D100 Cupid unlike the moulds above this mould is made from latex rubber and is a single unit. Ideal for plaques and soap. d. 10 cm. £2.40

latex rubber mould of cupid for wax, soap, plaster of paris.


Don't forget our floating candle moulds which are also ideal for soaps and wax tarts


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Transparent Polycarbonate

includes Floating candle moulds

Rubber/Latex Relief Moulds Mould Accessories


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