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Textured Sheets, Shaped Cutters and Stamps


Many of these items are also suitable for use with

    Polymer Clay, Wax, Silver Art Clay and Sugarcraft      

mini metal cookie cutters set of 4 hearts

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Number Stamps Boxed set of Metal Number Stamps. 3 mm size stamps for making impressions in metal, clay etc.  The numbers 6 and 9 are the same stamp.

To protect the Metal stamps during production, transportation and storage they are coated in a grease.  This does not effect usage but if you prefer they can be washed in hot soapy water, dried thoroughly! and a small amount of vegetable oil rubbed into them to inhibit rusting.
£6.96 metal number stamps
.999 stamp

Note: the straight stamps are a bit rusty but work perfectly fine.

If you don't want to go through the hassle and expense of having your Precious Metal Clay work hallmarked at the assay office (which we would advise you do if you're selling your work), we have the answer! Certify that your art is 99.9% Fine Silver (American standard) with this convenient stamp. Small and un-intrusive on your work.


Available as a straight stamp or bent to get into awkward places.





Fine silver .999 metal stamp for precious metal clay





Textured Plastic sheets - add patterns instantly to Precious Metal Clay, Polymer Clay, Drawings, Cards etc.


Create countless patterns on paper, foil, even clay! Textured designs are moulded right into flexible and sturdy plastic rubbing plates. Fun and easy to use.

Instantly adds intriguing patterns to clay, drawings, greeting cards, murals, and collage.

Twist and turn to achieve cross-hatching, halftones or pointillism. Obtain dramatic results with crayon and colouring or graphite pencils.

Use rubbing plates to add texture to clay.

Simply use a rolling pin or a brayer to achieve an imprint or pass the plate and a slab of clay through a pasta machine


Available packs of at least 6 different designs, sheet sizes 11 x 14 cm approximately.  Seven different sets to choose from

Nature One set


6 designs


Textured Plastic sheet grass   Textured Plastic sheet gravel   Textured Plastic sheet leaves   Textured Plastic sheet plants   Textured Plastic sheet water   Textured Plastic sheet woodgrain

£3.25 textured sheets set of nature 1

Textile set


7 designs


Textured Plastic sheet burlap   Textured Plastic sheet herringbone   Textured Plastic sheet houndstooth   Textured Plastic sheet knitting   Textured Plastic sheet lace small   Textured Plastic sheet lace large   Textured Plastic sheet linen

£3.78 textured sheets set of textile

Design set


6 designs


textured plates dense dots   textured plates dots in a grid   textured plates parallel lines   textured plates squiggles   textured plates swirled dots   textured plates design waves

£3.25 textured sheets set of design

Nature Two set


5 designs


£2.50 nature 2 set rubbing plates from 

Cultural set


7 designs


textured plastic sheets african   textured plastic sheets asian 1   textured plastic sheets asian 2   textured plastic sheets islamic 1    


 textured plastic sheets latin american 1   textured plastic sheets latin american 2


cultural set rubbing plates from 

textured plastic sheets egyptian   Egyptian only available as a large sheet 21.5 cm x 28 cm, not part of the set


Architecture set


9 designs


textured rubbing plates architecture set small brick   textured rubbing plates architecture set large brick   textured rubbing plates architecture set small shingles   textured rubbing plates architecture set large shingles   textured rubbing plates architecture set small siding   textured rubbing plates architecture set large siding   textured rubbing plates architecture set slate 


 textured rubbing plates architecture set stone   textured rubbing plates architecture set tile

£4.86 textured sheets set of architecture










Clay / Wax Cutters


Mini Metal Cutters











Mini multi sized cutters for






Polymer Clay










Pastry cutters


and anything else you can think of!

















Pack of 12 mixed shapes of metal cutters.

Sizes 3 - 4 cm.
£10.56 metal cutters various shapes
Pack of 9 Number metal cutters.

Sizes 4 x 3 cm.
£11.76 metal cutters number shapes
Pack of mixed shapes of metal cutters.

20 mm to 25 mm in diameter at the widest points.
£4.60 fimo pack of 6 different shaped metal cutters
Christmas Cracker - d. 52 mm. h. 16 mm £4.65 christmas cracker metal mini cutter
Jigsaw puzzle piece - d. 45 mm. h. 30 mm £5.94 mini metal cutter in jigsaw shape
Snowflake - 52 mm.  £4.40 mini metal cutter in snowflake shape

Moons - set of 2. Largest h. 55 mm. Smallest h. 40 mm


metal mini cutters moons

Horseshoe.  d. 20 mm. The bar across the horse shoe is just to support the cutter and doesn't effect the shape.


mini metal cutter horseshoe

Ovals.  Largest h. 35 mm.  Smallest h. 21 mm


mini metal cutters ovals

Triangles - set of 3.  Largest side 30 mm.  Smallest side 10 mm


mini metal cutters set of 3 triangles

Oblongs - set of 4.  Largest d. 25 mm  Smallest d. 6 mm


oblong metal mini cutters set of 4 sizes

Duck. d. 30 mm at widest point. 


duck metal mini cutter

Diamond shapes, set of 3.  Largest d. 18 mm  Smallest d. 6 mm


diamond set of three metal mini cutters

Butterfly. d. 30 mm at top point  h. 16 mm from mid point.  The bar across the middle is to help lift off the cutter and does not effect the shape.


butterfly metal cutter

Christmas Tree. d. 25 mm at mid point. The bar across the middle is to help lift off the cutter and does not effect the shape.


mini metal cookie cutter christmas tree

Bells - set of 3. Largest d. 28 mm Smallest d. 10 mm


mini metal cookie cutters bells

Holly leaves - set of 3. Largest d. 23 mm. Smallest d. 12 mm


mini metal cookie cutters holly leaves set of 3

6 petal Blossom - set of 3.  Largest d. 24 mm


mini metal cutters in shape of 6 petal blossom

Circles - set of 6. Largest d. 22 mm. Smallest d. 6 mm


mini metal cutters circles

Circle - Large single cutter d. 50 mm £2.34 large metal circle cutter

Squares - set of 6. Largest d. 23 mm.  Smallest d. 6 mm


metal cutters squares

Square - Large single cutter d. 50 mm £2.08 large metal square cutter

Hearts - set of 4. Largest d. 26 mm. Smallest d. 10 mm


mini metal cookie cutters hearts set of 4

Stars 3 sizes.  Largest d. 28 mm


mini metal cutters set of three stars


Sharp scalpel blade with plastic handle


Please note it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase this item.  By ordering this item you are confirming you are 18+ 


scalpel knife
Set of Cutter Blades Set of 3 blades. 150 mm long. Contains a Rigid blade, Flexible blade for curved cuts and a Ripple blade. Extra thin for easy cutting. For safety reasons these blades should only be used by adults. £10.56 set of three different design blades for cutter clays, wax etc


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