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Amethyst power bracelet

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   These stone properties are from a variety of sources - opinions vary from one source to another

Agate – Crazy Lace, Fancy – Courage, Earthing, Energetic, Colon. Black – A protective stone. Courage & success. Blue Lace – Expansion of consciousness, calming, throat & heart Chakra. Botswana/Indian – Enhances creativity. Stimulates Crown Chakra. Energises auric body. Helps maintain forthright character & rid body of toxins

Amber – Memory, Spleen & Heart

Amethyst – to achieve serenity. Provokes honesty & uprightness. Helps with sadness & grief. Stimulates inspiration.

Aventurine Green - ‘healer of the heart & soul’. Balances masculine & feminine energies. Encourages creativity, leadership & fun. Assists in making the ‘right’ decisions. Surrounds user in a blanket of love. Joy, balance, clarity, success & achievement Activates & cleanses the heart Chakra. A useful healer. Red - Enhances creativity brings prosperity. Diffuses negativity, balancing male/female energy. Helps to see alternatives & possibilities. Solar Plexus & root Chakras. Pineapple – Solar Plexus Chakra. Blue – Throat

Black Onyx - Pursue goals. Fortifies self-esteem. Stimulates thought. Sharpens hearing.

Black Stone - self-mastery. Visions & guidance through meditation & dreams

Calcite – Orange – Balancer, Alleviates fear. Lightness of being.

Carnelian – Orange - Grounding. Acceptance of the cycle of life. Aids positive life choices. Vitalises physical/emotional/mental bodies. Solar Plexus Chakra. Passion.

Citrine – Comfort, Abundance, Gallbladder, Created/Bright.

Fluorite – mixed purples/green - ‘Stone of Discernment’ Creates order out of chaos. Grounds, balances & focuses energy. Encourages perfect health & order on every level. Aids sleep, Heart, Brow & Crown Chakra.

Fossil – Enhances telepathy to past worlds. Heightens business accomplishments. Stimulates the thymus.

Goldstone Gold or Blue – Vitality. Contains copper, helps blood flow. Cleans out toxins. Brings back natural energy.

Hematite – black metallic - ‘Stone of mental mastery’ Helps mental & manual dexterity. Clarity, balance & calm reason. Dissolves negativity. Assists in creating peaceful, loving, kind relationships. Grounding, protecting. Aids concentration & confidence. Brings positive attitudes towards life health, well being. Oxygenation of bloodstream, Iron.

Howlite white – Aids & deepens sleep. Wisdom from dreams. Strong calcium content/vibration excellent for bones & nursing mothers.

Jade - A talisman of protection. Powerful emotional balancer. Dispels negativity. African (Budstone – Verdite) – Access & gain information from the ancient ones. Increases fortitude & constancy. Helps combat abrasive character traits. Cleanses the blood. Honey - ‘The Golden Stone of Wealth’ opens & activates the solar plexus & navel Chakras uniting personal power with physical manifestation. Creativity & initiative result. Endurance, mental focus & control of emotions. Energetic & quietly stimulating. Brings a peaceful calm & stabilising effect on the body. Courage, clarity & tranquillity of mind. Nephrite – ‘Real Jade’ green - Chinese stone of heaven. Bowenite (light green) – . White - as above.

Jasper – African – Energy. Planet: Mercury, Element: Air. Dalmatian – Stone/Black mix - A lantern in the darkness. Illuminates the dark recesses of the subconscious mind. Clearing, renewing & raising the consciousness & creating ‘heavenly mindedness’. Energy, Planet: Mercury, Element: Air. All mottled jasper should be worn for protection. Picasso – Aids digestion. Promotes weight loss. Helps circulation & anxiety / stress. Picture – Understanding, happiness. Poppy (brecciated) - Reduces insecurities, fears & guilt. Helps regulate metabolic energies of your body. Harmony, happiness. Red - Brings tranquillity & wholeness, protection & grounding. Aids quick-thinking & organisational abilities. Aligns Chakras. Silver Leaf – Planet: Mercy. Element: Water. Love, healing. Yellow – Talisman for enhanced diagnosis. Multi purpose for the whole body.

Labradorite – Communication. Reactivate ancient / future memories.

Lapis Lazuli – Self-confidence. Understanding. Brow & Throat Chakras.

Leopardskin Rhyolite – Sand/Green - Reduces insecurities, fears & guilt. Helps regulate your metabolic energies. Represents change, variety, progress, Harmony, happiness.

Mahogany Obsidian - The stone of courage, vitality & ‘iron clad strength’ Bulldozes obstacles out of the path. Brings honesty & integrity to relationships, renewing love & healing wounds. Friendship. Male energy. Stomach & Digestion.

Malachite – light & dark green-banded areas – protection, power, peace, love. Worn to detect impending danger, is said to break into pieces when danger is near. Guardian stone of travellers. Thoughtfulness, Romance. Assists tissue regeneration. Aids sleep.

Marble – dark green & white – Gives strength of self-control & serenity, common sense. Helps disorders of bone marrow, viral & bacterial infections, lower back pain.

Mookaite – Concentration.

Mother of Pearl – Money.

Nunderite – brown with bright green spots – Safety for water travel. Helps one to blend with environment. Helps the recording of diaries / journals. Stimulates hindsight.

Quartz - Rock Crystal – clear - Powerful general healing stone. Receives, activates, stores, transmits & amplifies energy. Generates electromagnetic energy & dispels static electricity. Soul cleanser. Eases pain. Excellent for meditation. Blue & White – Throat Chakra, promotes speaking of what’s on one’s mind. Comport. Spleen, Endocrine system & blood. Rose - ‘The stone of gentle love’. Calms emotions. Balances Yin & Yang energies. Opens the heart to the beauty within & without. Self love, friendship, love & faith. Calms & reassures, bringing about inner healing. Increases fertility. Rutilated – All Chakras. Clears mental & spiritual blockages. Eases depression. Smoky – grounding - helps with depression, & help to provide insight into our lives. Releases old negativity. Mildly sedative. Yellow – Strength. Luck. Fortune. All the Chakras. Dispels negativity.

Rhodonite – Pink/Black mix - Stone of love. Grounding. Balances yin-yang energies. Stimulates, clears, activates heart Chakra, balancing physical & mental energies. Useful for trauma. Raises self esteem & confidence, dispels anxiety.

Sardonyx – red – Combines properties of Onyx, Carnelian & Chalcedony. Happiness in marriage & live-in relationships. Attract friends & good fortune. Diminishes hesitation.

Serpentine - Chrysotile – ‘Serpentine’ clear clouded areas of Chakras. Stimulates the crown. Helps with disorders of the body. ‘Chrysotile’ helps to find the true self, helps telepathy & disorders of veins & arteries & skin pores. Yellow Serpentine – Clears clouded areas of Chakras. Stimulates the crown, helps with disorders of the body.

Snowflake Obsidian – black & white - ‘The Protector’ provides a shield against negativity. A stone of purity balancing body mind & spirit. Root Chakra.

Sodalite – blue - Opens throat Chakras. Physical healer. Transformative Eliminates mental confusion. Calms & clears the mind, brings about emotional balance. Enhances communication. Excellent for use in groups.

Tigerseye – brown - Creates order out of chaos. Harmony. Balances emotions & brings clarity & focus to the mind. Grounding. Stability. Courage & Confidence Protective stone, Energises body & enhances psychic abilities. Navel Chakra.

Tourmaline – Contains lithium. Prosperity. Connection to ‘New Age’ consciousness. Strong protective influence.

Turquoise - Excellent for physical attunement. Protects & blesses the user. Grounding. Healer of the spirit, giving soothing energy & piece of mind.

Unakite – Green/Pink mix - Balances emotions & encourages Higher Love. A stone of vision. Reaches root cause of dis-ease. Dispels negative energy. Strengthens ability to control your own destiny. Self-growth. Grounding & gives sense of fun.

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