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Natural MP Candle Wick - MP size 22

Natural MP Candle Wick - MP size 22

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Available in primed (waxed) 220 mm lengths (no sustainer) in packs of 20 or by the metre of raw wick.

Natural Unbleached Multipurpose (MP) wick ™

A fantastic Natural candle wick, made specially for us, completely from natural fibres and unbleached helping the environment!
Suitable for use with any candle wax - Paraffin, Gel and Natural waxes including Soya and Rapeseed and any application - Pillar, Containers or Rolled candles.
You no longer need to purchase loads of different types and sizes of wick, just the one wick in a selection of sizes.

The only Candle Wick you need!!

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