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Natural Shimmering Wax Crystals ™

Natural Shimmering Wax Crystals ™

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Wicks: Our MP size 6 - 50 mm long, primed on metal base will give you at least 12 hours burn time! 220 mm long, primed, just cut to the length you require. Raw wick. You may prefer to purchase the wick raw and without the sustainer attached. You will need to prime this before use to make rigid. Melt some wax crystals in an old pot, over a low heat. Lay a length of the wick in the liquid wax. Leave for 30 secs. Take out with pliers and lay on greaseproof paper to dry.

Instructions: Select a suitable heat resistant container i.e. China, Stone, Plaster, Glass Just pour in the Natural Wax Crystals Tap the container slightly so the Natural Wax Crystals can settle close together in the container Put the wick into the Natural Wax Crystals using the metal bit on the bottom to help push down Push the Wax Crystals back around the wick Have 1 cm of Wick showing above your Wax Crystals Depending on the depth of your container, if there's more than 1cm of Wick showing at the top, trim it down When placing your Wick in the Wax Crystals make sure that the Wick is at least 3 cms away from the edge of the container If you're using a large container you can add multiple Wicks for a wonderful display Make sure that Wicks are at least 6 cms away from each other or you'll have a pond instead of a puddle of wax! Light the Wick and enjoy you're very own candle! If you'd like your candle fragranced, add a drop of suitable fragrance or pure essential oil to the Shimmering Natural Wax Crystals and mix it well in before adding the Wick. Do not add when alight or place fragrance next to the Wick. After many many hours when the Wick has burnt away, wait for the wax around it to go cold and solid Remove the metal bit of the Wick and the solid wax around it and discard Top up with fresh Shimmering Natural Wax Crystals if needed and add a new wick and off you go again!

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